What started as a get-together session with the guys at a salsa party on a cold winter night in Germany, turned out to be Daniel’s initiation into the world of salsa. Daniel’s passion for salsa was ignited that ‘fateful’ night in 2002 and it has inspired him to greater heights ever since. This

This amicable Salsa Instructor at JJSalsaRengue was talent scouted to be a part of the JJSalsaRengue Performance Team in 2003. Thereafter, he progressed from Salsa, to Merengue, Bachata, Street Cha Cha, and On2 salsa. Amongst the numerous performances Daniel and the team put up, the international performances and national events include the Singapore International Salsa Festival, the West Coast Salsa Congress in LA, the Singapore International Latin Festival, the Singapore Arts Festival, and the Chingay Parade 2004, to name a few.

Known for his friendly and humorous ways, his classes are never without laughter. His in-depth understanding of salsa comes from years of social dancing in addition to his many public and private performance engagements. A Program Manager who attended his class said this of him, “he’s engaging… never boring”.

His motto: Dancing and teaching solely because of passion.

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