The Ultimate Salsa Social Dance Series – July 2017 (Starts on 05 July) by Dennis & Gaik Leng

Class Details

4 Lessons
Starts on 05 July
Every Wednesday
7.30pm - 9.30pm
About the Class

The Ultimate Salsa Social Dance Series

Weekly 2-hour intensives covering everything you may need for the Salsa social dancefloor!

This is for you, the intermediate/advance Salsa social dancers, who are looking to find a breakthrough in your social dancing. It could be learning to lead and follow smoother, or trying to add more “sabor” and repertoire to your dancing. Whichever it is, this Ultimate Salsa Social Dance Series could be your answer!

Happening every Wednesday from 7.30pm – 9.30pm, each lesson will be a full 2-hour session. Shines, partnerwork, body movement & spin techniques, these are but some of the topics that will be covered. And if you are an On-1 dancer looking to expand your styles, there will be an On-1 to On-2 conversion segment.

To really make this the ultimate social dance experience, course participants will get free entry to our Wednesday socials for the duration of the course.

About your instructors: Dennis & Gaik Leng

He is known for his smooth style and kick-ass turn patterns.  She is our spin queen, light, fast and beautiful to watch. Veterans in the Salsa scene, Dennis and Gaik Leng will share their years of dancing and learning experience to help you become your better dance self!