Salsa Practica (04 September) by Ronnie & Ee Lian

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1 Lesson
04 September
8.30pm - 10.00pm
About the Class

Bachata Beginner

About the Class

Bachata Intermediate to Advance

About the Class

Basics of Ladies Styling

You just got into salsa and is starting to enjoy the thrill of dancing and socials. This class will start you on the basics of styling to express your unique style on the dance floor. Basic salsa movements, arms styling and footwork will be broken down, and you will better understanding how they are executed, and how you can incorporate it into your dancing.

This class is for the lady dancer with some experience in partner dance and would like to start understanding how styling can be added to your dancing.

About the Class

Body Isolation & Undulation

This Basics in Body Isolation and Undulation class will break down in detail, the many ways to isolate and move the different parts of our body. It is good for dancers who are looking to add different dimensions and styling to your dancing. This class will start you on exploring how the body can move, and how these movements can be incorporated to help you become a better-rounded dancer.

This class is for the dancer with some experience in dance.

About the Class

Intro to Body Conditioning for Partner Dips & Tricks

It is not just about the strength. When it comes to executing various levels of partner dips and tricks, it is always mostly about the technique. Take this opportunity to find out how you can start better conditioning and using your body for both dance, and partner dips and tricks.

In this 2-week introduction workshop, you will be brought through a series of exercises that will help you gain awareness of the muscles you should work, how to engage them, and how to train to build dance strength. Each class, we will also have you apply these techniques through a simple, elegant set of dips and tricks.

*Sign-up with a partner is required
**Please come to class dressed in appropriate work-out attire